image of sunscreenAs parents there are so many things to remember concerning our children. I am constantly reminding my boys of the importance of using sunscreen every time they are outside.

Using sunscreen regularly helps to shield against the ozone layer, and also helps in the prevention of skin cancer.


According to a recent study only one in every four children regularly uses sunscreen. That’s only 25% of children, OUCH!! Those numbers are alarming. “The problem is if you sunburn in childhood, you raise your risk of developing skin cancer later on.” says Dr. Sophie J. Balk, MD, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in NYC. So, what can we do to help our children?

When buying sunscreen, be sure to look for one with at least an spf of 30 that screens out both UVA and UVB rays.

Here are a few suggestions of popular sunscreens that you can buy:

  • Neutogena wet skin kids, Coppertone water babies
  • Dr. Robin sunscreen
  • Babyganics
  • Honest Mineral sunscreen
  • Aveeno baby


Please remember that you must reapply sunscreen if you’re out in the sun for any length of time. Sunscreen typically lats for 80 min.-2 hrs.

In addition to using sunscreen, here are some other ways to protect your skin from the sun. Wearing sunglasses, wearing sun hats, wearing chapstick, and sun protective clothing.

Have fun in the sun!(just don’t forget the sunscreen) Do you use sunscreen?