Colors are everywhere we look. Children start experiencing colors at a very young age. Bright blue skies, yellow bananas, red firetrucks,  green oscar the grouch to name a few. I’m sure your child even has a favorite color.(We all do right? mine’s orange)

How well does your preschooler know their colors? Maybe they know a few, maybe all of them, or maybe none at all. Although knowing their colors isn’t a requirement for starting preschool, it’s extremely helpful to the teacher if they do know them.

I recommend starting with one-two colors per week. Focus on those colors only. Eat foods or drink something that are those colors. Make a game of it: walk through  your house or outside on a “hunt” for objects with your color of the week.

You can also draw shapes with chalk outside and have your child jump on the correct color. When you make it into a game  kids don’t even realize that they are learning, but having fun instead. Have fun! 🙂